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Heather Guevara

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Heather Guevara Red Light Photo Welcome and series kick-off!
Heather Guevara kicks off the new year of best practices blog posts. Posted October 4, 2021
From the Online Learning Desks
This year to kick off the Best Practices Blog we present brief check in-s from the desks of our Online […] Posted September 29, 2020
Heather Guevara Red Light Photo My worst online class 4
This past summer, I was capping off my birthday week celebration with some special time with cousins. I had just […] Posted December 3, 2019
A woman with her arms up in victory after having reached the summit. Online Learning Faculty Summit Recap 1
Heather summarizes the 2019 Online Faculty Summit with some feedback from attendees. Posted May 13, 2019
Gate changes and cancelled flights: the ground crew helps get students to day one 3
Online learning staff are like the flight crew ready to help you and students make it to the gate on time. Posted January 14, 2019
A black dog laying on a wooden deck. Instructor Presence: A Commitment To Engagement Introduction 4
For the 18-19 academic year, the first Monday of the month features a blog post by a faculty mentor. Faculty […] Posted October 1, 2018
A preview of the faculty media survey. 2017 Faculty Media Use Survey Results
Results from the 2017 Faculty Media Use Survey. Posted June 7, 2018
airplane in the sky at sunrise Takeoffs, Turbulence, and Smooth Landings: Building our courses as we fly them 3
Heather Guevara relates her experience with online course development to building a plane as you fly it. Posted March 6, 2018
decorative vertical image of Tumalo Falls, a waterfall in central Oregon. Course Tune-up Follow-Up
Heather wraps up the 8-week course challenge. Posted August 31, 2017
Multnomah Falls, Portland by Caleb Jones (Unsplash.com) Join the 8 Week Course Tune-Up Challenge 1
Ah… summer. We are so close. Whether you spend your summers teaching those over-achieving summer course-taking students, or spend your […] Posted June 5, 2017