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Coming D2L Brightspace changes on July 22nd

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Here is a summary of coming changes in Brightspace coming on July 22nd, 2021. There are a few significant changes that we wanted to bring your attention to. If you have any questions please email or call the Online Faculty Help Desk 971-722-8227


  • @mention call out functionality in Discussions will be turned on. This allows you to specifically tag individuals in a post. That person will get notified when you post.
    adding @mention to discussion
  • New Brightspace Editor (Formerly the HTML or WYSIWYG Editor) will be turned on for Discussions and many other tools by brightspace editor


  • Organizational categories added in the New Assignment Creation Experience.
  • Learner profile user cards now display student G numbers to instructors.
  • Inline LaTex rendering of Math equations is currently disabled while working out some bugs. (Sorry Scot!)
  • New Brightspace Editor (formerly HTML Editor) will be turned on for Assignments.
  • Notice that New Assignment Grading experience is on for everyone in late August.
  • As a reminder, VoiceThread has been updated to the latest version! Please add VT links the following way.add VoiceThread activity


  • The Quiz Builder now supports the new Inline Editor.
    new inline editor
  • Introduction field was removed and existing content merged into the Description field for Quizzes. (Review your quizzes to make sure content has been merged.)
    Intros merged to Description field
  • The Report Setup tab on the Edit Quiz page is now available on the context menu of a quiz and reads as Setup Reports.
  • In Quizzes, grace period can be set to zero minutes showing quiz attempts exceeded immediately on reaching the time limit.
  • For quizzes that need manually scoring Instructors can filter Users by status: Published, Saved as draft, Pending evaluation and an empty status.

Zoom Online Rooms/Kaltura

  • A bulk cloud recording download tool is available if you wish to archive a group or all your recordings from your Zoom account to Google Drive or your Kaltura My Media. If you would like us to help with the bulk download, please fill out this form.

Zoom: Enter & Share Preferred Pronouns

  • Zoom has enabled entering and sharing your preferred pronouns in a separate profile field. Please do the following:
    1. Sign in to the PCC Zoom web portal
    2. In the navigation panel, click on your Profile pic and then click Edit.
    3. In the Pronouns field, enter your preferred pronouns.
    4. In the Share in a meeting or webinar? drop-down field, choose one of the sharing options.
    5. Click Save.
      Changing Zoom Pronouns


  • Added categories for text, calculated, and formula for grade item organization. (Does not contribute to the final grade).


  • Able to now view content module descriptions in Brightspace Pulse.
    pulse app with module descriptions


  • “Work to do” widget for students will be enabled on My Home – main page in Brightspace. It shows students upcoming work for all classes (assuming you’re posting dates in Brightspace).

work to do widget