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Posted in June 2016

Commencement speaker Paula Heine Speaking of Graduation 9 comments for "Paula Heine, who once avoided college, now is a PCC academic rock star"
Student speaker Paula Heine shares her inspiring story at PCC’s commencement Posted June 13, 2016
Southeast Hosts Legislators
From 5-7 p.m., Monday, June 13, the Southeast Campus will host the State of Oregon's Legislative Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization Posted June 11, 2016
PCC Students Stood with FGHS
PCC students stand with Forest Grove high schoolers regarding 'Build a Wall' banner fall out Posted June 9, 2016
Cosmetology Grads Shine Bright 3 comments for "PCC’s Coffee Creek School of Cosmetology graduation underscores the excitement of ‘commencement season’"
It’s “that time of year”: springtime and the season of graduation and academic completion ceremonies at Portland Community College Posted June 7, 2016
Diamond alum Janet Rash PCC's Diamond Alumni 2 comments for "2016 Diamond Alumni winners give back and make impacts in their communities"
The college is honoring five graduates who have made big impacts in their communities Posted June 6, 2016
Two Staff Win Rock Creek Awards 1 comment for "Rock Creek staff earn special recognition by campus"
Administrative assistant Becky Hughes received the Bill Christopher Building Community Award, and business administration instructor Usha Ramanujam received the Gordon Galbraith Award for outstanding teaching Posted June 2, 2016