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The president is spreading the word about the bond measure

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The big effort to get the word out about the bond measure continues at a break-neck pace. Some days, I fear that neck will be mine.

Today around the noon hour, we had President Pulliams speak before the Central Eastside Industrial Council (where, as I was putting up a large map of the district, he introduced me as “Vanna White”…nice). That event was great; we had about 60 people in the room, and the membership includes upwards of 200 businesses on the east side of the Willamette River. This is a good group to speak to.

Starting tomorrow, the president begins his tour of the district, speaking about the bond at noon and early evening gigs at all three main campuses and several of the centers. Remember, you can find the schedule for these events by going go to www.pcc.edu/bond and click on Get Involved, then click on Schedule of Informational Bond Meetings.

Other good news: Reporter Rob Manning of Oregon Public Broadcasting will be on the Sylvania Campus tomorrow to speak to the president about our huge enrollment growth and the implications for the bond measure.

Speaking of enrollment: For those of you scoring at home, PCC grew by about 14 percent, year-over-year, this summer. Our fall numbers so far have us growing by about 10 percent, year-over-year. That’s huge.

And the numbers vary from department to department. Pat Kraft of the Machine Technology Program, just told me that that program is up 23 percent over last fall! I kid you not. Twenty-three freaking percent!

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