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Admission to college – the quick and easy way

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student at admissions deskRoberto Suarez knows all about the PCC admissions process. He’s the admissions coordinator for the Cascade Campus, and he wants new and returning students to have an easy admissions experience.

“The college admissions process can feel like a daunting task, but if you start early and you work with our student services staff, you will find that it is actually a straightforward process,” Suarez said. “The important thing is to make sure you give yourself enough time to explore all the possibilities available at PCC.”

To get started in a PCC credit program, a student must answer some questions.

“Have you taken a class at PCC in the last two years?”
If yes, then you may log on to MyPCC and start registering for classes right away.

“Are you enrolling at PCC for the first time?”
Don’t worry, it’s easy. And if you run into any trouble, the admissions office can help. Complete the information request form to learn more about the college and the application process. Fill out the online admissions form or, if you prefer, you may print one out and return it to an admissions office.

“Are you interested in taking non-credit courses?”
If non-credit classes are your thing, visit Community Education for a list of classes and registration information. PCC offers hundreds of community education courses for those lifelong learners looking to expand their knowledge or take a class for fun.

“Are you interested in dual enrollment with one of Oregon’s four-year universities?”
You can combine your PCC enrollment with any of the following institutions: Portland State, Oregon State, Oregon Institute of Technology, Concordia, Western Governors, Marylhurst, Linfield and Pacific. This allows transfer students a seamless transition from PCC to one of these four-year institutions.

student at admissions desk

“Community colleges have something for everyone: from short-term programs for people trying to get into a career field quickly through two-year applied or transfer degrees for students looking for specialized career training or a more in-depth academic experience,” Suarez added. “Our dual enrollment opportunities further enhance the academic possibilities of students looking to continue their studies at a four-year university after their time at PCC. PCC has many options to explore no matter the academic goal.”

The benefits of dual enrollment are clear: easier transition from community college to a university, one application process, advising from either institution, increased flexibility in scheduling with access to more classes, opportunity to access services and participate in college life on both campuses, coordinated financial aid and scholarships for qualified students, access to library and computer lab resources on both campuses and much more.

“Are you an international student?”
If you’re from another country, then visit the International Student Admission page which will guide you through PCC’s international student admissions process.

“Are you under 16 years old?”
If so, there are special admissions requirements for students who have not been awarded a high school diploma or a GED. Students must complete all the admissions requirements and are not guaranteed admission. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all the possible course work within their school district before pursuing classes at PCC.

Answering these questions and going through the rest of the admissions process is easy, Suarez said.

“If you have decided to come to PCC, you’ve already taken the most important step,” Suarez said. “Come and visit one of the PCC admissions offices so we can help you design your academic plan and give you the support and tools you need to start moving towards your academic goal.” 

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