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PCC Dental Lab Receives Needed Technology

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SYLVANIA CAMPUS – Portland Community College received $6,000 worth of dental equipment for its Dental Laboratory Technology program from the Oregon Association of Dental Labs (OADL) and national equipment retailer Darby Dental Lab Supply.The donation consists of 10 Volvere "V"max hand pieces, which are used for fine detail grinding procedures on all the dental appliances that are fabricated by students in the lab. "We needed new hand pieces to replace older equipment that could no longer be repaired,"said Gary Smith, instructor in Dental Lab Technology. "The supporting manufacturers no longer exist and parts are no longer available, cannibalizing parts was no longer an option. The instructional staff are exceptionally pleased with the donation and how much the quality of the learning experience will be enhanced."OADL is the only official representative of the dental lab industry in the state of Oregon and recognizes the two-year PCC dental lab program as a source of technicians with an understanding of the basics of dental lab technology. The OADL board agreed unanimously to support the PCC dental lab program with the donation and plans to continue with yearly equipment donations in the future.

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