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Welcome, once more, to the 2024 Winter edition of our online literary magazine Letter & Line, a space designed by us – your PCC student editors for our wider PCC community – to share, and to showcase their prose, poetry, photography, and artwork. If you are scrolling through the pages of this magazine, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our peers and bring these excellent examples of their art to your eyes.

Letter & Line is a literary and arts magazine sponsored by the Creative Writing Program at the Sylvania Campus. The publication highlights the creative work of PCC students – stories, poems, drawings, photographs, and photographs of paintings and other artworks. Although eighty percent of Letter & Line is devoted to student work, twenty percent of each issue is reserved for non-student work: faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to submit along with students.

Letter & Line is designed, edited, and published in newsletter format by the same WR 246 and WR 249 student editors who produce the PCC Sylvania annual magazine of literature and art, Alchemy.

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