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Submit to Letter & Line

Who can submit material?

Although eighty percent of Letter & Line is devoted to student work, twenty percent of each issue is reserved for non-student work: faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to submit along with students.

Anyone who is interested in learning about editing and publishing by actually working on literary publications is encouraged to consider taking Writing 246, Advanced Creative Writing – Editing and Publishing, and WR 249, Advanced Creative Writing – Editing and Publishing II, whose class members form the editorial boards of Letter & Line and Alchemy.

How to submit

Upload your submission at the submissions manager address below. Be sure to comply with the deadlines and submission guidelines.

Submission deadlines
  • Submissions accepted from September 1 until February 10 for the winter issue
  • Submissions accepted from February 11 until May 1 for the spring issue
Submission guidelines

The editors are looking for:

  • Prose: limited to 1,000 words.
  • Submit up to 5 poems, 5 stories, 5 scripts, 5 pieces of creative nonfiction, 5 photographs, and 5 artworks.
  • All submissions must be new, original, previously unpublished work.
  • All works must be titled.
  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • Include a cover letter containing a brief bio, email address, US Mail address, phone number, and the titles of works submitted.

Submit your creative work by uploading it to our submissions manager.

Publication rights

  • The Letter & Line Editing and Publishing classes reserve editorial control of all material submitted and protect all rights.
  • Letter & Line Literary Magazine acquires first North American serial and online publication rights of material selected for publication; authors and artists retain all other rights to the material.
  • Payment in copies.