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Course Progression

The Course Progression report shows overall success rates of students that progress between two groups of courses. It is intended to answer questions such as “How many students who took Writing 121 in Fall went on to take Writing 122 by the end of Spring? Out of those students, how many passed both classes?” Each group can include multiple courses (ex: all 100-level Math classes) or entire subjects (ex: all Math classes) across one or more terms.

Student success rates for the first group will be shown on the first row. For those students that went on to take classes in the second group, their success rates in the second group will be shown on the second row. Rows 2a-2c provide additional detail about row two.

See the report’s help tab for more information. PCC Argos users can access the internal version of the Course Progression report, which allows for disaggregation on additional metrics such as gender and race/ethnicity. Log in and navigate to Institutional Effectiveness -> College-Wide. Please contact Ryan Bohac by email at ryan.bohac@pcc.edu to request assistance.