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Credentials Sought

This program is designed to select majors for students enrolled in at least one credit course for the current term. If it is between terms, the last active term will be displayed.
Only a student’s current major(s) for a credential that has not yet been obtained, will be included in the counts regardless of the term selected.
Thus, data for the current term best represents student majors.

Totaling the “Student Count” for each credential does not equal a unique student count since some students concurrently pursue more than one credential.

Additionally, once a student completes a degree or certificate, that credential is no longer included in the report.
Further, the “Grand Total” only represents the unique number of students from the current term who were credit seeking students that have an actively sought credential.

If you are running the program for a current term, the data will be available after the end of week four.

Credentials Sought ARGOS Report

For more information regarding use of this ARGOS program please see the help tab within the report.
To view awarded credentials please see the ARGOS Degrees and Certificates Report.