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PCC Students as Transfers in Academic Year 2022-23

7,486 students enrolled at PCC during the academic year 2021-22 taking at least one credit class attended another post-secondary institution during the following year. Sixty-six percent
(4,927 headcount) of these students enrolled exclusively at a 4-year institution of higher education. Thirty-four percent (2,559 headcount) enrolled in a combination of institutions of higher education (4-year and 2-year, 18.5%; and 2-year institutions, 15.6%).

Exclusively 4-Year Institutional Transfers

The number of transfers (5,470) exceeds the student count (4,927) due to the fact that some students enroll in multiple institutions simultaneously.

While hundreds of different colleges and universities were transfer destinations, students who transferred exclusively to a 4-year institution, were most likely to enroll in at least one of the following 8 institutions:

  • Portland State University, 2,146 students, 39% of transfers
  • Oregon State University, 706 students, 13% of transfers
  • University of Oregon, 308 students, 5.6% of transfers
  • Concordia University (COHORT/SCS), 146 students, 2.7% of transfers
  • Oregon Institute of Technology, 127 students, 2.3% of transfers
  • University of Portland, 116 students, 2% of transfers
  • Pacific University, 110 students, 2% of transfers
  • Oregon Health & Science University, 101 students, 1.9% of transfers
4-year transfer group academic characteristics
  • Nearly 32% of students transferred with a PCC degree or certificate.
  • The average number of credit hours earned at PCC with a grade of A, B, or C before transferring was about 60 credits.
  • The majority (56%) had a “transfer intended” major when enrolled at PCC.
Other Transfer Groups Combined

During this same tracking time period, an additional 2,559 students (2,837 transfers) enrolled in a combination of 4-year and 2-year institutions.  No single 4-year and 2-year institution combination or 2-year college received a large percentage of these transfers and 58% of transfers were students concurrently enrolled at PCC.  Most frequent “combination” transfers included one of the following institutions:

  • Mt. Hood Community College, 247 students, 8.7% of transfers
  • Clackamas Community College, 139 students, 5% of transfers
  • Chemeketa Community College, 97 students, 3.4% of transfers
  • Linn-Benton Community College, 89 students, 3% of transfers
  • Lane Community College, 78 students, 2.8% of transfers
  •  Clark College, 49 students, 1.7% of transfers
  •  Central Oregon Community College, 34 students, 1.2% of transfers
  • Carrington College (Portland), 32 students, 1% of transfers
Other transfer group academic characteristics
  • Fourteen percent of students had earned a PCC degree or certificate.
  • The average number of credit hours earned at PCC with a grade of A, B, or C before transferring was about 47 credits.
  • Slightly over one-half (52%) had a “transfer intended” major when enrolled at PCC.