Reporting concern for a student

Are you concerned about the well-being of a student at PCC? Are you witnessing a student struggling academically or personally? Are you observing a student having difficult interactions with others? Are you unsure how to assist? There is a way to help. An early intervention process is in place at PCC to support our students and connect them with a variety of resources.

The “Care” approach seeks to connect students to the person or department that will be the best resource for assistance. You are encouraged to submit your concern for a student through our online reporting process. Care reports are reviewed as they come in by Student Conduct and Retention Coordinators – professional staff in the campus Dean of Student Development offices that are trained to assess and act on reports. We will seek to help and support the student by collaborating with the person reporting the concern AND through partnerships with multiple campus and community resources. Campus Behavioral Intervention Teams (BIT) are an additional tool that may be used in the Care process.

Here are some examples that have been observed and reported through our Care process:

Behavioral concern

  • Difficult interactions with faculty, staff and/or other students (in person or electronic)
  • Distressed or disorganized writing – outside of the context or theme of the assignment or class
  • Poor boundaries with faculty or staff
  • Erratic or unusual behavior

Retention concern

  • Trouble following guidelines in the syllabus or other in-class instructions
  • Noted decline or change in academic progress or attendance
  • Student reports or is observed to be “falling through the cracks” or feeling “disconnected” from the PCC community

Personal well-being concern

  • Student discloses recent or current thoughts or actions of self-harm – if in immediate danger call Public Safety at 971-722-4444 or Emergency 911
  • Discloses death of someone close to them
  • Discloses relationship distress
  • Appears nervous, anxious, sad or depressed – either persistent or significant change
  • Discloses inadequate, difficult or unsupportive living situation
  • Visible change in appearance – poor hygiene, noticeable weight gain or loss, disheveled
  • Discloses recent or current substance dependence or abuse
  • Displays paranoia or hallucinations

Report concerns about a student angle right

If this report is related to an incident of interpersonal violence (sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, retaliation), please use the Title IX incident form.

If the above does not describe the situation you want to report, refer back to the main page for more options.

Campus Behavioral Intervention Teams

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) exists to help keep the PCC community safe and to connect distressed students to appropriate support services. BITs operate on all PCC campuses and are comprised of a team of professionals representing Dean of Student Development, Conduct and Retention, Counseling, Public Safety, Disability Services, Advising and Instructional leadership. We work collectively to gather and assess pertinent information from instructors, resource providers, and others related to the behavioral concerns. We then determine the best course of action to promote safety and security on campus, as well as the well being and success of the student. BIT members receive training and follow nationally recognized standards to assess student behavior and threat.

Here to help


If you have questions or would like to talk through a situation, please contact us! Student Conduct Coordinators are here to help:

  • Cascade: 971-722-5445
  • Rock Creek: 971-722-7636
  • Southeast: 971-722-6090
  • Sylvania: 971-722-4066

Immediate danger?

If you or others in your area are in danger, contact: