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First Aid Kits

Environmental, Health and Safety has contracted with Cintas to install, inspect and maintain first aid kits throughout the district. The Cintas kits are larger than the previous kits and will support a larger number of people in a given area.  As a result of the installation of these larger units, the number of first aid kits throughout the district has been reduced and further reductions will likely occur. Changes to the campus maps to reflect both the locations of the new kits and the elimination of older kits are forthcoming. Cintas will conduct regular inspections of these first aid kits and replenish any depleted or expired stocks.

PCC employees wishing to maintain their own personal first aid kits for changing dressings or for general emergency preparedness are welcomed to do so.  Please note, however, that neither Environmental, Health and Safety nor Cintas will replenish depleted stocks from these kits; doing so is the responsibility of the individual employee.  Additionally, employees who are interested in receiving first aid/CPR/AED training can contact CLIMB for available classes and/or contact EH&S for vendors who provide this training.

Questions regarding the first aid kits should be addressed to Kevin Crowley at x 2875 or kevin.crowley@pcc.edu or requests can be made through the Service Request Center (SRC).

First Aid Kits FAQ