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Sharing and reviewing syllabi

The PCC Dual Credit program requires a copy of the Dual Credit course syllabus (including any schedule of learning activities) for both high school and college courses at least once per articulation term.

  1. Email your PCC department’s on-campus syllabi to dualcredit@pcc.edu. You will receive a confirmation email once your syllabi are received.
  2. Before submitting their syllabi, we’ve asked high school Dual Credit faculty to verify that their Dual Credit syllabi have met PCC’s requirements.
    • High school instructors receive a copy of the course syllabus template. They may also use college syllabi examples provided by their PCC faculty liaison.
    • The process is slightly different depending on past articulations. See the course review page for more details.
  3. The PCC faculty liaison uses the course approval form when reviewing and approving the high school Dual Credit faculty’s syllabus.
    • The faculty liaison reviews the Dual Credit syllabus and notifies the high school instructor and the PCC Dual Credit office of the approval.
    • If not approved, the liaison works with the high school instructor to make the necessary changes to meet the approval guidelines.
  4. When changes are made to the curriculum or to the syllabus by the PCC department, the liaison will forward these changes to the Dual Credit instructor.
  5. High school instructors are required to hand out a college-approved course syllabus at the beginning of each term, semester, or year (depending on the duration of the course) that is aligned with the equivalent college course syllabus.