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Site visits and course assessments

Oregon developed the Dual Credit Standards to assure the quality of Dual Credit, and consistency between instruction of Dual Credit offerings at community colleges throughout the state. The Dual Credit program at Portland Community College (PCC) received approval in 2011. Part of that approval is dependent on the ongoing, regular assessment of programs. The assessment section (A2) of the Oregon Dual Credit standards states: “Every section of a (previously approved) course offered through Dual Credit is regularly reviewed by faculty from that discipline and Dual Credit staff to assure that grading standards meet or exceed those in on-campus sections.

High school and PCC faculty involvement in this process are not only necessary but also assure the quality of Dual Credit programs and develop collegial relationships. Assessments can vary from an evaluation of syllabi to classroom site visits, workshops, or other ideas that faculty consider relevant and valid. The course assessment component pledges that the courses offered at the high school meet or exceed the rigor, pedagogy, and outcomes of the course offered on the college campus.

When to do a site visit

Courses that are approved through a 1-year initial PCC Dual Credit articulation agreement must be assessed during that academic year. 3-year renewal articulation agreements are assessed by the end of the second year noted on the agreement.

Before the site visit

  1. High school faculty submit their updated PCC syllabus and schedule of learning activities to the PCC Dual Credit office by September 1.
  2. The PCC Dual Credit Coordinator will notify PCC faculty liaisons and Program Deans with a list of the observations needed, by term.
  3. PCC faculty liaison will obtain the high school’s calendar and bell schedule.
  4. The high school faculty and their PCC faculty liaison work to determine a convenient time to complete the observation. Print off the PCC Dual Credit site observation form to complete during the observation.

During the site visit

  1. Assessment goals and guidelines:
    • A high school site visit with classroom observation.
    • A syllabus and materials review.
    • A review of graded student work to ensure that college expectations are met by students who complete the course.
    • How well does the high school Dual Credit course align with PCC’s Course Content and Outcomes Guide?
    • Does the Dual Credit course reflect the pedagogical, theoretical, and philosophical orientation of the college and sponsoring academic departments?
    • Assessments are a requirement and comply with the Oregon Dual Credit standards.
  2. Complete the site observation form in detail, providing the high school Dual Credit faculty with constructive feedback regarding any improvements that may be needed.
  3. Sign the assessment form on the line provided and obtain the high school Dual Credit faculty’s signature on the line provided. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.

After the site visit

  1. Provide the high school Dual Credit faculty with a copy of the signed site observation form and constructive feedback regarding any improvements that may be needed.
  2. Email the completed site observation form to your Dual Credit Coordinator or to dualcredit@pcc.edu.
  3. PCC faculty will be reimbursed for their time (per course) for up to 10 hours for course alignments, and up to 3 hours for course assessments at the PCC Special Projects Rate.
  4. Mileage to and from the assessment site is also billable (drive time is not). Complete the PCC bi-weekly time and mileage sheet and email it and any supporting documentation to dualcredit@pcc.edu.