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Notetaking support options

PCC is not using peer notetakers during Spring 2020

PCC Disability Services is encouraging use of options described in our guidance for notetaking during remote instruction. We will continue to offer training and technical support.

We offer a variety of notetaking support options. There are workshops and tech drop-in times for those who are curious. Please review the options below, request a meeting with Disability Services, or attend a training session to determine which options might work best for each class.

Peer notetakers

This approach matches up students so that peers who are already taking good notes can share them and receive a thank you gift in return. See the peer notetaker recruitment page for an overview, or see our Videos and Tutorials page for detailed instructions on how to upload and download notes.

Notetaking technology

See the notetaking tech page for details on equipment you can borrow or use as a personal device.

  • Items available at campus libraries include:
    • Digital and Tape Recording devices
    • Alphasmarts (word processing units for typed notes with a full keyboard)
  • Items available through Disability Services include:
    • Livescribe pens (record audio and match it to written notes)
    • Mobile devices with notetaking apps such as sonocent audio notetaker
    • Services such as Notetaker Express which provides typed notes from audio recordings

Other Options

A variety of alternative options are used when there are specific needs that can’t be met otherwise. When possible, we like to encourage a Universal Design approach. This way, notes are available to the whole class.