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Notetaking support options

We offer a variety of notetaking support options. There are workshops and tech drop-in times for those who are curious. Please review the options below, request a meeting with Disability Services, or contact  notetaking@pcc.edu to learn more.

Notetaking services

This approach uses audio and/or video files from class sessions to produce a set of written notes.  DS staff works with instructors and students to ensure notes are available.

Notetaking technology

Tech support staff are ready to help you identify the best equipment and/or app to meet your needs and train you on how to use it.

  • Email access-tech-group@pcc.edu with questions
  • Individual and group training is available

There are many different types of specific devices and applications that may be useful, for example:

  • Devices are not limited to, but could include:
    • Phones, tablets, chromebooks, laptops, or braille devices
    • Digital and Tape Recording devices
    • Alphasmarts (word processing units for typed notes with a full keyboard)
    • Livescribe pens (record audio and match it to written notes)
  • Applications could include examples such as:
    • Notability
    • Sonocent
    • One Note
    • Evernote
    • AudioNote 2
    • Easy Voice Recorder

Other Options

A variety of alternative options are used when there are specific needs that can’t be met otherwise. When possible, we like to encourage a Universal Design approach. This way, notes are available to the whole class.