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Course Development – Overview

The Curriculum Office is available to guide faculty through the process of creating or revising course curriculum.  Please contact us early in the curriculum development process.

Types of Courses

New LDC Course

Used toward a transfer degree, general education and/or cultural literacy designation. Must contain these elements:

  • Introductory language
  • Broad focus
  • Transfer to other 4-year institutions at the 100 and 200 level and/or found in lower division collegiate handbook
  • Introduction to an occupation vs. a specialization
  • High vs. minimum level of prerequisites (Standard prerequisites being the minimal)
  • Outcomes and description need to reflect the introductory nature of the course
New CTE Course

Applies directly to a career technical degree or certificate. All CTE courses must be attached to a degree or certificate.

Experimental Course

Introduce new material on a trial basis. May be scheduled two times only in a 15 month period

General Education/Discipline Studies List

LDC courses only. This request follows the state approval of a new LDC course. Must be submitted to be included on the General Education/Discipline Studies list.

How long will it take?

A new course request will take a minimum of four months and/or up to three terms before a course is available to be scheduled. A course revision will take three to four months before the changes will be effective.

Please see the curriculum timeline for submission deadlines and curriculum request implementation.

New or Revised?

Reasons for developing a new course or revising an existing course are similar:

  • Results of a program or discipline review
  • Advisory Committee recommendation
  • Course revisions within an existing degree or certificate
  • New course within a new degree or certificate
  • New course within an existing degree or certificate
  • New program/discipline
  • Inclusion of PCC’s Core Outcomes