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Q: What is Courseleaf?
A: Courseleaf is a curriculum management software that PCC uses to help manage the process of curriculum approval and publishing of the catalog. In a nutshell, the software replaced the old paper-based process for requesting approval for new and revised courses, degrees, and certificates with an online process which then connects that content to the catalog publication. It also allows us to publish a web-based searchable catalog as well as a printable PDF.

Q: Are there any tutorials to help faculty use Courseleaf?
A: You can access a step-by-step walkthrough for new or revised courses by visiting The Curriculum Office’s Course Development page. The office has also created video tutorials for creating a new course or revising an existing course (see below). We also have a help guide available that will help you with some of the basic features of Courseleaf. Please contact the Curriculum Office for a copy.

Q: Is there any other way that you can explain to me how to use Courseleaf?
A: Please contact the curriculum staff opens in new window] if you would like one-on-one training, or if you would like to arrange a training session for your department or SAC.

Q: Okay, I’m ready to use it. How do I log in?
A: Log into MyPCC, select the “Faculty” tab. Under “Tools”, select:

  • “Course Management” to revise or propose new courses, or
  • “Degrees/Certificates Management” to revise or propose new degrees or certificates, or
  • “Electronic Approval Queue” to review items for the committee process, or
  • “Catalog Management” to edit your section of the catalog.

Video Tutorials:

How-to Video: Propose a New Course using Courseleaf

How to Video: Revise an Existing Course using Courseleaf