Driver Education

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PCC’s program provides teens and adults with classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. The behind-the-wheel instruction and in-car observation are scheduled outside of the classroom times and may extend past the last day of class.

The Oregon DMV will waive the Drive Test for all 15-17-year-old teen students who successfully complete this ODOT approved Driver Education course. The provisional driver license will still be obtained through DMV. All other licensing requirements still apply.

Please review the information provided below regarding Registration Packet FAQs and Common Issues with Registration Packet Submission before submitting your registration packet.  Please note your registration packet will be considered received and assigned a timestamp only when a fully completed registration form is received by our department.

Program Details

  • Classes are offered throughout the year.
  • Classes are open to all teens and adults.
  • There are offerings at Portland Public High Schools and PCC campuses/centers. [opens in new window] You need not be a student of any particular campus/school to attend.
  • Scholarships are available for students on a lunch assistance program. See Part E of the registration form for information.
  • Behind-the-wheel lessons are held on weekdays and weekends and vary in length from 2-3 hours per week.

Course Requirements

  • Teens must be 15-17 years old and complete the course before their 18th birthday to qualify for the ODOT teen program.
  • Must have a valid Oregon Instruction Permit to register.
  • Attendance at ALL sessions is mandatory.
  • Missed sessions must be made-up at an additional cost.
  • Mandatory parent/teen orientation is held at the first class session.
  • Must bring Oregon Instruction Permit and a photocopy of your permit to the first class.
  • Students should have a minimum of 10 hours of driving experience before beginning the class.
  • Driver Ed classes are taught in English. Students must have reached intermediate proficiency in spoken English to register. For safety reasons, PCC reserves the right to deny instruction if the instructor cannot safely communicate with the student.
  • If you have previously completed an approved ODOT Driver Ed class then you are not eligible for the teen pricing and must register as an adult.

Registration Packet FAQs

How will I know that registration packets are available?

Spring 2019 registration will open Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 7am. You will know when the registration forms are available when you see the hyperlinks:  

  •          Teens age 15-17 with an Oregon Instruction Permit.
  •         Adults age 18+ with permit or license.

We recommend refreshing your browser at 7am to ensure the page is fully updated.

What is the consent to release portion of the registration packet? Do I have to fill it out?

Due to FERPA regulations, minors are required to complete and sign the consent to release portion of the registration packet in order to release sensitive information to a parent or guardian. Adults are not required to complete this portion of the registration packet, but they can complete the consent to release if they would like a spouse, friend, or parent to have access to to confidential information.

What type of information is considered confidential?

Once a student is registered in a course, any information regarding their registration or registration status is confidential. This includes things like class schedules, drive times/locations, test scores, grades etc.

What is the confidential code?

The confidential code is a password or code that you provide to us. It is then used to verify your identity when you call to discuss a student. We will ask you to provide this code each time you ask for sensitive or confidential information.

My student does not have a PCC ID. What do I do?

This is the one portion of the form that is ok to leave blank. If you or your student do not have a PCC ID number, our department can generate one, and it will be provided to you after your registration is confirmed.

What if I do not yet have a driver’s permit?

If you do not have a driver’s permit by the time registration opens, we cannot accept your registration packet. It is a requirement that all students have a driver’s permit and 10 hours of driving experience before being enrolled in a PCC Driver’s Education class.

What if I only have an interim permit?

It is fine if you only have an interim permit at the time of registration. Please be sure you are including your permit number on your registration form and indicating if it is an interim or permanent permit. Once you’ve received your permanent permit, please make a copy of it and give it to your classroom instructor.

How do I enroll my student in a class at the Scholarship tuition rate?

Students who are on lunch assistance programs at school or whose households are enrolled in SNAP benefits are eligible to receive an ODOT scholarship. To enroll at the Scholarship rate, please follow this 2-step process:

  • On the registration packet, check the box on page 2, part F, labeled, ‘A student on lunch assistance program at school ay register for any of the above classes’

Include a copy of the official assistance letter from your high school or a copy of your official SNAP assistance letter when you are sending in your registration packet. It is ok to send this as an additional attachment if you are emailing your registration packet to


Spring Class Status

All teen classes are full and registration is closed.

AVAILABLE: Adults ONLY at Southeast Campus (CRN 26904)
All other adult classes are full/cancelled.


Enrollment in Driver Education classes are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Your registration packet will be considered received and assigned a timestamp only when a fully completed registration form is received by our department. This means that the student’s date of birth, driver’s permit information, the consent to release form (including the confidential code), and signatures must be filled out completely. It is only ok to leave the PCC ID number field blank.

IMPORTANT: Common Issues with Registration Packet Submission

The most reliable way to ensure you are not sending in a blank reg form is to take the following steps:

  1. Download the Driver Education Registration Form fillable pdf and save it to your desktop.
  2. Complete every field in the fillable pdf.
  3. Select “File” and “Print.”
  4. In the “Printer:” drop down menu, select “Adobe PDF”
  5. Save the pdf to your desired location. The file should no longer be in fillable pdf format.
  6. Attach the newly saved pdf to your email.
  7. When sending to, CC your personal email address, open the pdf you attached, and ensure that the pdf is completely filled out.
  8. If you notice any missing information, please add this information and resend the form ASAP.
  1. Download the appropriate Driver Education registration form:
  2. Complete, save, and submit the form once in only one way: email (, print and fax (971-722-6623), or submit in person (SE Campus – Administration Building Rm 304).
  3. An email will be sent by PCC within five business days of the receipt of the registration form and will include registration status confirmation and payment instructions.

Weather conditions

Wondering if your driver ed class will be cancelled due to bad weather?

Closure/cancellation information for driver ed classes will be posted on the Community Ed homepage.