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Senior Studies Institute particpants around a table

The Senior Studies Institute (SSI) offers a unique program for dynamic older adults who want to expand their horizons and connect with others. SSI offers learning in a pressure-free atmosphere – no grades, no tests, no compulsory attendance, no competitive pressures, no formal faculty, and no pre-registration – all for one annual membership fee.

SSI is a member-driven organization and class proposals are generated by the membership. SSI is special because its members plan, conduct, and run the institute’s activities. Members with a passionate interest in their subjects enthusiastically share their knowledge in 2-hour presentations. Others moderate, facilitate, or coordinate activities and classes such as poetry and play readings, a DVD series, and current events discussions. Everybody participates and everyone benefits.

Join us!

SSI hosts a variety of activities, including a spring and winter luncheon and a summer picnic. As a member, you can attend any of our events. Guests are welcome to attend up to two classes on a trial basis before joining – we just ask that you sign the attendance sheet. Learn more and join us on the SSI website.

Before continuing, please be sure to follow the online payment directions as indicated on the Membership Application, Special Activity Form, or PCC Foundation donation form found on the SSI website.

Online credit card payment instructions
Membership (new and renewals) and parking:
  • Select the payment button you wish to purchase (individual or couple membership or parking pass).
  • For membership application, type membership in the “Comments” box.
  • For parking pass purchases only, type pass in the “Comments” box.
  • Type member(s) full name in the “Member Names” box.
  • Complete your billing information.
  • Select the “Payment” button.
  • Mail or email in the completed membership application found on ssipdx.org as directed.
  • Use your email confirmation of payment from PCC Foundation as temporary proof of membership until you receive your membership packet. (Disregard the indication as a “donation”)
  • Give Parking pass email confirmation to SSI Site Coordinator handling parking passes.
Special events registration
  • Enter the dollar amount of the event ticket(s) in the “Other” Box.
  • Type the name of the event you are registering for into the “Comments” box.
  • Complete your billing information.
  • Select the “Payment” button.
  • Mail in the appropriate form on ssipdx.org as directed.

If you are making a charitable donation via credit card to the Senior Studies Institute:

  • Enter the dollar amount you wish to donate in the “Other” box.
  • Type “Donation” into the “Comments” box so that we can acknowledge your charitable gift.
  • Complete your billing information.
  • Select the “Payment” button.
  • Mail in the appropriate form on ssipdx.org as directed.