CCOG Courses in Machine Manufacturing Tech Summer 2024

Course Number Course Title
MCH 100 Machine Tool Basics
MCH 110B Blueprint Reading for Machine Manufacturing
MCH 115A Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing I
MCH 115B Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing II
MCH 120 Machine Shop Math
MCH 121 Manufacturing Processes I
MCH 130 Machine Shop Trigonometry
MCH 157 Project Machine Technology I
MCH 158 Project Machine Technology II
MCH 159 Project Machine Technology III
MCH 160 Drilling Machines and Operations
MCH 175 Band Saws
MCH 180 Turning Machines and Operations
MCH 190B Boring and Threading on the Lathe
MCH 205 Vertical Milling Machines and Operations
MCH 210 Project Machine Technology IV
MCH 212 Project Machine Technology VI
MCH 213 Project Machine Technology VII
MCH 215 Horizontal Milling Machines
MCH 222 Coordinate Measuring Machine Operation
MCH 225 Surface Grinding Machines and Operations
MCH 227 CNC Grinder Operation
MCH 229 Rapid Prototyping
MCH 245 Metallurgy
MCH 259 CNC Programming-Lathe
MCH 262 CNC Conversational Controls
MCH 268 CNC Programming-Mill
MCH 272 Mastercam Level I
MCH 273 Mastercam Level II
MCH 276 Mastercam Solids
MCH 278 CNC Operation - Mill
MCH 279 CNC Operation - Lathe
MCH 280 Cooperative Education: Machine Technology
MCH 282 CNC Router Operation
MCH 286A Technical Skill Assessment in Manual Machining
MCH 287A Technical Skill Assessment in CNC Turning
MCH 288A Technical Skill Assessment in CNC Milling
MCH 290 Mastercam Fundamentals Orientation
MCH 291 Laser Cutting and Engraving Fundamentals
MCH 292 FDM Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Orientation