Gerontology Program

Sylvania SS 1 | Program Director: Jan Abushakrah | 971-722-8254 |

Winter Term 2015

GRN172 - CRN 12710 - Adult Care Home Training uses the State of Oregon approved Ensuring Quality Care curriculum and is designed to prepare prospective adult care home operators and resident managers for the State Qualifying Test.

For information on registering for the course, read the GRN172 Registration and Enrollment Information, contact the Gerontology Office at 971-722-8254 or, or learn more:

Careers in gerontology are among the next big things in the 21st century workplace, and PCC’s gerontology program is on the cutting edge of this opportunity.

This program is designed for individuals who wish to develop careers in the field of aging, those already employed or active in gerontology or related fields who wish to enhance their career paths, and those seeking challenging and meaningful career changes in response to new opportunities created by an aging society. Graduates of this program will develop problem-solving and research skills through interdisciplinary core courses and electives tailored toward their career goals. Internships, mentorships and career coaching will prepare students to create individualized career paths in service industries responding to a longer living and healthier American public.

Exponential growth is expected in all service-providing industries related to aging, particularly in the health care services continuum, financial and legal services, leisure, life-long learning, hospitality, fitness and wellness areas.

Gerontology student getting hands on practice

Degrees and Certificates

In this program you can earn the following:

The Gerontology Program holds Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development Eligible Training Provider Certification for the AAS Degree and all Career Pathways Certificates.

To prepare for a career in Fitness and Aging, you could also consider earning the following co-degrees or certificates:

See the catalog for information regarding all program requirements.

Notice to Partner College Students

Students at Columbia Gorge and Chemeketa Community Colleges can earn the PCC Gerontology Certificates or Degree by taking core program courses online. This online option enables you to complete coursework toward your degree in a related field at your local college and conduct your internship (cooperative education) in your community. For more information, contact the Program Director and complete the program application.

Taskforce on Aging

In response to Oregon's aging demographic and the projected aging of PCC's student body and Oregon's workforce, the College convened a Taskforce on Aging. Learn more about the taskforce and how members of the Gerontology Program are involved.

What's Next?

  1. Contact the Gerontology Program Director Jan Abushakrah for more information.
    If you'd like to start working on a certificate or degree and would like some guidance about the courses you should take and if previous coursework can apply toward your completion, ask for Transcript Evaluation and Course Planning.
  2. Apply for admission to PCC.
  3. Please complete and submit the Program Application. You will be added to the MyPCC Gerontology Group to receive program-related information and announcements.
  4. To start the program, or just explore career opportunities in the field, take the 2-credit hour GRN181 Exploring the Field of Aging, online or as a workshop-online hybrid. Check the schedule for availability.