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Content navigation

For more information about writing content, see the writing style guide.

The navigation that you provide in the body of the page is often the most important. Many users have a tendency to first scan the content of a page, often overlooking other navigational elements.

Content links

A page’s body text is a great place to link to other content – these links are in context and can be quite descriptive. A few things to keep in mind when using content links:

Use a callout or callout gallery

  • Related callouts are great for highlighting important items that don’t have to do with the page’s content directly. People reach these links after scanning the rest of the content and help them find what they’re looking for if they didn’t find it on the current page.
  • Does the page have a set of instructions that the user needs to complete? Use an action callout at the bottom of the page to list the steps.
  • If the page is a site homepage, consider using a callout gallery to link to any child pages.