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PCC maintains various applications that tie in with the public website but use a different code base. Some use third-party systems we integrate with the website. We also maintain various WordPress child themes for sites that require some extra features.


Banweb is a third-party system that is part of Banner and MyPCC that keeps track of student information and manages class registrations. Learn about styling Banweb in Spaces.

Stylesheet location: in Banweb (see the Banweb stylesheet in Bitbucket)


The MBS third-party application manages the Bookstore back-end (textbooks and merchandise) for all four campus bookstores, which are separated. The code is very old and table-based, but our styles try to make it look somewhat similar to the main PCC website. We can’t include custom fonts.

Every time the template or CSS changes, each bookstore must be updated separately. Learn how to update the template and stylesheets in Spaces.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/bookstore.scss

Class schedule

The class schedule uses an in-house application and supplemental stylesheet. The schedule lets users view classes in various categories and search for keywords or types of classes.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/schedule.scss

Enrollment Rx

PCC uses Salesforce for managing student recruitment and admissions. There are three main components:

  • Admissions form: The admissions form and corresponding account and login pages use Enrollment Rx. Learn about managing Enrollment Rx templates in Spaces.
  • Request for information form: The RFI uses Pardot. Learn about Pardot templates in Spaces.
    • Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/pardot.scss
  • Event forms: Recruitment events use Events Rx for their registration forms. Learn about managing Events Rx templates in Spaces.
    • Stylesheet locations: /_source-v6/styles/applications/salesforce.scss and /_source-v6/styles/applications/salesforce-event.scss

Event calendar

See the calendars page for more information.

Go campaign pages

Marketing uses a WordPress child theme for their campaign pages, located at pcc.edu/go. The pages have a simple theme that is quite different from the main PCC website.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/campaign.scss

Grad plan

Grad Plan is a third-party system that helps students keep track of the courses they need to graduate.

Stylesheet location: in the Grad Plan system (see theĀ Grad Plan styles in Bitbucket)


The PCC event calendar uses a child theme of the main PCC website to accommodate its custom design, layout, and features.

Stylesheet location: in the child theme folder (see the Intranet styles in Bitbucket)

Login pages

  • Authenticate: Authenticate is the main login for MyPCC, PCC email, etc. Learn about updating the authenticate login pages in Spaces.
  • CAS login: There are a few third-party login pages, but we’re working toward single sign-on (all logins will go through authenticate). For now, the CAS login is still used for a few systems (Desire2Learn, PCC Library, PCC AIM, and Scholarships).
    • Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/mypcc.scss


The PCC news website uses a child theme of the main PCC website to accommodate its custom features.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/news.scss

Organization guide

The PCC organization guide is an in-house application that lists the top-level department directory for the college.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/organization.css

Panther Tracks

Panther Tracks isn’t really an application, but the pages do use a supplemental stylesheet and have a slightly different look from other pages on the website.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/panther-tracks.scss

PCC Foundation

The PCC Foundation uses a child theme of the main PCC website and has a custom look. When active, the Foundation campaign site is located at pcc.edu/opportunity and also uses a child theme.

Stylesheet location: in the child theme folder (see the Foundation stylesheet in Bitbucket)


The PCC programs page isn’t really an application, but it does use a supplemental stylesheet. The page includes a list of all PCC programs and offers users the ability to filter the list based on their needs.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/programs.css


Qualtrics is a third-party form system PCC currently uses, but is phasing out in favor of Gravity Forms in WordPress, which are housed locally. We use the Qualtrics base theme but include a few custom styles to improve usability and accessibility.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/qualtrics.css


The PCC search uses an in-house application. It lets people search the PCC website. Ask the Panther uses WordPress.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/search.css


Spaces is PCC’s wiki. It helps staff organize meeting notes, internal documentation, and task lists. We use a third-party theme but include a few custom styles to improve usability and accessibility.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/refinedwiki.css

Staff directory

The staff directory uses an in-house application and supplemental stylesheet. The directory lets users search for contact information for all PCC employees.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/staff.css


Staff members have the option to create a staff website, which is linked to from their staff directory listing. WebEasy sites are in WordPress, and use a simplified version of the main PCC website template, with some color variations. Websites use the URL format pcc.edu/staff/lmenchu.

Stylesheet location: /_source-v6/styles/applications/webeasy.css


The Web Team is in the process of moving the website into WordPress. WordPress and static pages share the same script and style libraries.