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Wireless network access

Did you bring your laptop, tablet, or phone? Secure wireless network access is available at all PCC campuses and centers. All current students, faculty, and staff can access the PCCWiFi signal, while visitors to the college can request permission to access the PCCGuest signal.

How to connect

Students and staff

To connect to PCC’s wireless network:

  1. Make sure wireless is enabled on your device.
  2. Select the PCCWiFi wireless network.
  3. To sign in:
    • Username: your MyPCC username
    • Password: your MyPCC password
    • Domain: pcc.edu

Guests of PCC can connect to the wifi network:

  1. Make sure wireless is enabled on your device.
  2. Select the PCCGuest network in your wireless settings.
  3. Review Terms & Conditions
  4. Accept Terms & Conditions
  5. Your access will be active for 24 hours.

Important: Windows users may need to install a certificate. For details, see the sign-in help page.

Wireless Q&A

  • Where is wireless available?
    Wireless access points are available at all PCC campuses and centers. Due to the physical construction of the buildings, signal strength and service availability may vary within each location. Please report any wireless issues to the Service Desk at 971-722-4400.
  • Who can access the wireless network?
    The following individuals can access our network:

  • How secure is it?
    PCC-WiFi uses an 802.1x secure network protocol. It is encrypted from your device to the wireless network access point. However, you should always be cautious when entering personal information such as passwords, or credit card numbers. If you are in doubt, wait until you have a wired connection before submitting any personal information over the internet.
  • Can students print over the wireless network?
    Yes! Students can print over wireless using their GoPrint account – see more on the printing page.