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Affiliate Access

Guests & Contractors

When you invite guests or contractors to PCC, you will want to arrange in advance for them to have appropriate access to the technology resources they need.

Acceptable Use and Conduct

Privileged access to PCC’s facilities, information systems and other secured resources brings with it heightened responsibility, obligation and liability.

Guests and contractors invited by PCC managers or staff to observe, maintain or enhance PCC services or facilities are bound by the same high standards of appropriate conduct and acceptable use of resources that all PCC managers and staff must abide by. In particular, all guests and contractors are expected to treat the valued customers the college exists to serve, our students, with respect and deference at all times.

Please make sure any guests or contractors you invite understand the statutes, regulations and policies that govern the lawful, respectful and appropriate handling of the privileged access to student contact and student records that they may be granted to carry out the tasks they have been invited to perform.

Guests and Contractors are strongly encouraged to review all PCC college policies and observe them with the understanding that the college is a place of business where students come for the sole and serious purpose of obtaining specialized educational services often unavailable to them by other means, and that an invitation to PCC is not an invitation to observe or interact electronically or in person with PCC students or with information about PCC students in any ways not explicitly required by the nature of the invited activity.

Wireless access

PCC guests can access wireless by connecting to the “PCCGuest” network. If long-term access is required, requesting affiliate access as described below.

Affiliate access for accounts, hardware, and software

To provide guests or contractors access to PCC enterprise systems, computers, equipment, or software needed for a successful visit, the manager of the hosting department needs to complete the Affiliate Access Request form. Managers can access this form in MyPCC on the Managers page.

The form will ask for/gather the following pieces of information: The PCC sponsoring department name, the name/email of the manager completing the form, the name of the affiliate’s company (if any), contact information for the affiliate needing access, what access the affiliate will need, when the access will be needed and when that access will expire.

Contact the Service Desk in advance of the visit to discuss other necessary arrangements or if you have questions about the process.