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Chromebooks differ from the traditional laptop experience by delivering Chrome store appsChrome extensions, the Google Chrome browser, in addition to the G-suite of apps (Google Drive, Documents, Sheets, Slides, etc…). Traditional laptops have large storage capacity, premium hardware that allows users to install large applications,  Chromebooks rely upon Google cloud storage to save files. Cloud storage for files translates to needing an internet connection to accomplish the majority of tasks that a user may have, so if mobility without an internet connection is what a user is looking for, this may not be the device for them.

While a Chromebook is substantially cheaper than a traditional laptop, areas that differ involve a diminished ability to multitask and a limited set of apps available for download. For users who are only leveraging G-suite apps and the Web though, this may be a great low-cost device for a classroom, faculty, or student.

PCC Information Technology supports multiple manufacturers of Chromebook devices, along with a management support structure for various departments and individuals within the PCC environment.



  • Procurement input and usage consultation
  • Managed configuration and setup

Service Availability: Support for Chromebooks at PCC follows normal PCC operating hours

Service Owner: Campus Desktop Support

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