School Partnerships

Springville Elementary first grade girls proudly holding squash over their heads.

“Last time I went to the garden I remember taking my baby plants and letting them into a wider open space, so they could grow bigger. Holding that life in my hands just made me feel happy. My hands feeling light and more careful, I really understood what it was like relaxing and how stressed out I was. It was cold but sunny at the same time and the ground was mushy and wet, a clammy feeling in my toes. But I felt like I saw all the good in the world in those moments. And I could feel myself beaming, that made me so happy holding a plant in my hands and moving it to its next big step in life. For the rest of the day I just felt like I could really do anything. I was proud and happy about myself, the most important part was that I felt confident.”
Springville K-8 student

In the garden, hands-on learning experiences provide students with opportunities to form positive relationships with the food they eat and the environment in which it grows. As they pull aside the curtain of processed and packaged foods to participate in the magic of sun, soil, and seeds, students begin to see their food, and themselves, in a new light. Growing food is powerful, life-affirming and generous. It involves risk and acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of the ecosystem and awareness of how human beings fit into the cycle.