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GPSEN Sustainability Symposium ~ RCE Greater Portland 2019 GPSEN Sustainability Symposium to be hosted at PCC Cascade 3/8/19
We are excited to share that the Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network’s (GPSEN) Sustainability Symposium: Building Bridges to Sustainability will […] Posted December 18, 2018
Click Here ToListen! PCC, Sustain Me! Episode #12 – It’s Election Day! Get Your Vote On! And Learn About the Portland Clean Energy Initiative from Jenny Lee!
It’s here! Today! The 2018 mid-term elections are happening and this is going to be a BIG day for this […] Posted November 6, 2018
Heather Hackman AASHE 2018 Episode #11 – Featuring Dr. Heather Hackman from Hackman Consulting Group
I first experienced Dr. Heather Hackman and her incredibly accessible presentation style at AASHE 2017 in San Antonio. Her ability […] Posted October 30, 2018
PCC SE Learning Garden What’s Growin’ On – Fall 2018 2
Southeast Aquaculture project This fall the Geodesic Dome is getting an upgrade!   The STEM Center is installing aquaculture tanks to […] Posted October 29, 2018
Joe Culhane & Mark Mitsui Episode #10 – A Conversation with PCC President Mark Mitsui
Well hello! There’s a couple reason’s I’m pretty stoked right now. One is that this is the 10th episode of […] Posted October 23, 2018
Click Here ToListen! PCC, Sustain Me! Episode #9 – Power, Privilege, & The IPCC Report
This episode is in response to a few current issues that are circulating in our local and global public spheres. […] Posted October 23, 2018
Click Here ToListen! PCC, Sustain Me! PCC, Sustain Me! Episode #8 ~ AASHE 2018 ~ Kate Rayner Fried & The Ethics of Care
So, the AASHE 2018 Conference & Expo just wrapped up, The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education […] Posted October 9, 2018
The Canoes approach on the Willamette Episode #7 ~ Renea Perry & Portland's 1st Annual Tribal Nations Summit
It’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day. And a little over a week ago the 1st Annual Tribal Nations Summit took place here […] Posted October 8, 2018
Teri Fane & Joe Culhane 2018 PCC, Sustain Me! Episode #6
Well now, this episode veers a wee bit away from the more formal format of the first handful of episodes. […] Posted September 26, 2018
PCC Rock Creek solar array and the Japanese Energy Leaders Tour Japanese Energy Leaders Tour PCC Rock Creek
Portland Community College’s Rock Creek Campus recently found itself chosen as one of three high priority sites on the itinerate […] Posted September 24, 2018