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Hanford: Myth or Reality

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hanfordPresented by Dieter Bohrmann of the WA Department of Ecology

  • Tuesday April 14, 1pm
  • PCC Cascade – MAHB 104

Hanford, called the most contaminated site in North America, presents the paradox of massive contamination next to a river preserved in its natural state. Hanford borders the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River – about 200 miles upstream from Portland. Understand Hanford requires more knowledge than headlines about leaking radioactive waste tanks and missed cleanup deadlines. The Washington Department of Ecology, a Hanford regulator, will discuss some Hanford history as well as the current progress and challenges of the nuclear cleanup efforts.

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x (Comment #480) by Andrew Butz 8 years ago (Comment #480)

Will this presentation be streamed online? (…or video captured for off-venue access?) Also, will there be opportunity here for any of the high-level Hanford critics (e.g. Senator Wyden, or the WA State Attorney General) to be heard?