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Waste Audit

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Food scraps and garbageInterested in knowing what we throw away here at PCC?

Derek and Heather of the Environmental Center are conducting a waste audit; taking a landfill-bound waste sample from the CC building and publicly sorting through it in the courtyard outside of the Environmental Center. Our goal is to get a snapshot of the things people at PCC are throwing away, and how we could improve it.

If you’re interested in raising awareness of our waste impact, email Derek at derek.fornof@pcc.edu

This will take place in the morning of Wednesday, the 14th of May. 

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x by Chris Glad 3 years ago

I just received PCC’s quarterly catalog in the mail and decided to cancel, and was dismayed to find out that I can’t. On the back below the address: “it was printed for about $.21 per copy… we are not able to remove individuals from our distribution route…” If you’re sending 4 of these a year to every household in the metro area, that represents both a huge unnecessary cost and a major waste of resources. I never read them. If/when I take a course, I can find all the info I need online or on campus. There is no reason I can think of to send these out. I’m frankly very surprised that the only way to mitigate this impact you offer is “…it can be recycled”. This is very disappointing.

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