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SNAP benefits for students

More college students than ever are struggling with hunger. SNAP is a resource that can help. Students 18-49 who attend higher education at least half-time may be eligible for SNAP by meeting income guidelines and additional criteria.

Students who meet income guidelines may qualify for SNAP if they meet these new criteria.

Students need to let the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) know what the student’s intended job will be after completing their education. DHS wants to understand the link between a student’s education and employment.

During their interview with a DHS worker, a student will need to share the reason they are going to school and how it is related to a job they want after they complete their undergraduate education (four-year program or less – this includes undergraduate, associates, certificate or short-term training programs).

Students should share a specific job they would like to do after they complete their education.

  • For example, if a student is studying social work, they should share they want to be a social worker.
  • Jobs that require an advanced degree, like a lawyer or doctor, do not fit these criteria.

If a student meets these criteria, there are no work requirements.

Apply for SNAP benefits

See more information about SNAP.

PCC’s Pantry Pantries are partner agencies with the Oregon Food Bank. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Looking for a pantry closer to your home or with other hours? Visit the Oregon Food Bank.

Also, Self Enhancement, Inc. has a list of local schools and organizations that provide food in the community.

You can also check out these additional community resources for studentsPCC Food Access Map, and see the ASPCC Loves You Cookbook, created by PCC students!