Ensure opportunities for all students to cultivate personal and community resiliency at PCC.


All PCC students thrive through access to resources and engagement opportunities that support a healthy community in the face of a changing climate.


Provide meaningful action-oriented opportunities to advance the interconnected issues of basic needs support, including food and housing security and transportation access, legal aid, and addressing the climate crisis to advance an equitable and sustainable community for our students.

  • Housing Support
  • PCC Legal Resource Center
  • Food Justice
  • Sustainability/Eco-Social Justice
  • Climate Justice
  • Transportation Access


  • Everything is connected. We acknowledge the interconnected issues of inequity, environmental degradation, access to basic needs and economic disparity are systemic and require holistic solutions.
  • Centering student experiences and voices is critical. We value centering the voices of students in program planning and decision making will result in effective resource stewardship, responsible impact, and meaningful change.
  • Success requires equity. We must actively use social justice and equity frameworks to center those impacted most in creating climate and sustainability solutions.
  • Food, housing, and transportation is a human right. We provide students with the resources they need to succeed in and out of the classroom.
  • Legal advocacy is critical for social justice. We focus on reducing barriers to student success and addressing historical injustice by providing access to basic legal aid.
  • A just transition is imperative for equitable student success. We know the climate crisis poses additional barriers to opportunity by magnifying pre-existing inequities and must be addressed through our work.
  • Sustainability and community resilience is possible through collaboration. We believe responsibility to the community goes beyond our department and the college’s doors. This can be advanced through the college’s Climate Action Plan and Pathways to Opportunity initiatives.
  • Fostering curiosity and growth provides opportunities for student leadership development. We provide hands-on learning opportunities for all students at PCC through sustainability and basic needs leadership programs.
  • Our work will invoke authentic joy. We foster community and belonging through inclusive programming, meaningful student development opportunities, and basic needs support.

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