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Grant-funded projects in the RCESC
Agency Amount Use
Crater Lake Natural History Association $1,406 Survey of Wetland Characteristics
Tualatin Valley Water Quality Endowment Fund through Oregon Community Foundation $11,000 Wetland Restoration, Phase I
Unified Sewerage Agency (CWS) $1,000 Website Development
Oregon Youth Conservation Corps Fund $17,000 Labor and Training for Trail Building
Oregon Parks Foundation Fund $1,000 Seed Money
Roberts Brothers $1,000 Wetlands Plants
Oregon Partners for Fish and Wildlife $22,900 Wetland Restoration, Phase II
Arco Foundation $46,000 Trail Construction
Metro – Capital Improvement Grant to Clean Water Services (2017)


$257,000 Wetland habitat enhancement
Portland Community College TGIF grant (2017) $20,000 Boardwalk trail improvements