Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon Portland Community College


Grant-funded projects in the RCESC
Agency Amount Use
Crater Lake Natural History Association $1,406 Survey of Wetland Characteristics
Tualatin Valley Water Quality Endowment Fund through Oregon Community Foundation $11,000 Wetland Restoration, Phase I
Unified Sewerage Agency (CWS) $1,000 Website Development
Oregon Youth Conservation Corps Fund $17,000 Labor and Training for Trail Building
Oregon Parks Foundation Fund $1,000 Seed Money
Roberts Brothers $1,000 Wetlands Plants
Oregon Partners for Fish and Wildlife $22,900 Wetland Restoration, Phase II
Arco Foundation $46,000 Trail Construction
Metro – Capital Improvement Grant to Clean Water Services (2017)


$257,000 Wetland habitat enhancement
Portland Community College TGIF grant (2017)



Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District TWIG funding (2022)





Boardwalk removal and

trail signage and improvements


Camas and soil safety study