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Microelectronics Technology

Career Pathway Certificate: Solar Voltaic Manufacturing Technology

  • Do you want to be part of the growing renewable energy field?
  • Are you interested in a program that is based on the needs of industry and gives you the skills you need to succeed on the job?
  • Start on a career path that leads to many opportunities in Oregon’s booming semiconductor and solar manufacturing fields.

The Solar Voltaic Manufacturing Career Pathway prepares you for entry-level positions in Solar Voltaic Manufacturing, and to continue your education and complete your degree.


The average wage for solar manufacturing and operator positions in the field are $30- 40,000/year. Entry level wages are typically $10-14/hour, with great opportunities to advance with additional education.

Finish your degree

The Solar Voltaic Manufacturing Career Pathway leads to the Microelectronics degree. Continue your education to give yourself more job opportunities and career advancement.

Is it for me?

GED and High School graduates; Competency in Writing 115, Reading 115, and Math 65.
PCC Rock Creek.
Classes run over several terms.

Program cost

Use the cost calculator to see estimated costs. For more detailed cost sheet contact Laurie Chadwick.

What's Next?

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  1. Complete the steps for new students
  2. Plan how you'll pay for college
  3. Contact Eric Kirchner for more information
    • Find out more about the resources and support the Career Pathways team can provide!