Program Overview

Japanese building

PCC offers a wide range of Japanese courses. At the first year level we offer First Year Japanese in two formats: as a three course sequence, 5-credit series JPN 101, 102, 103, or in the summer as a two course sequence, 6-credit series JPN 150/151. JPN 101 course is offered every term. We also offer preview course of Japanese Conversation JPN 211B so that students can maintain their language skills over the summer months.

At the second year level, we offer Second year Japanese as a three course sequence, 5- credit series JPN 201, 202, 203. This series begins each year in the fall. 201 is a very popular course for which an early pre-registration is highly recommended.

In both First and Second year, students are recommended to engage in extra conversational practice outside of class by attending free tutoring and conversation hour. Tutoring is supported by the international students from Japan and free to all students.

The Japanese program's 200-level specialty courses focus on Japanese culture and film. Japanese Culture course is conducted in English to allow for in-depth discussion. Although it is not offered every year, Japanese Culture JPN 260, 261 and 262 are film courses that examine both traditional and contemporary Japan social and cultural issues through English-subtitled Japanese language films.