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Engineering at PCC

Engineers collaborate to create solutions for real-world living. If you like solving problems, helping others, and making the world a better place, PCC has options for you.

Portland Community College offers certificates and degrees in civil and construction, and electronic engineering technology. We also offer freshman and sophomore course work for students who wish to transfer to a four year University.

Choose an engineering path

You will need decide whether you plan to become an engineering technician by completing your degree at PCC, or become an engineer by starting your coursework at PCC, transferring to a four year University, getting a bachelors, and becoming an engineer.

Since the classes are generally not interchangeable, how do you decide which career path to take?

Want to be job-ready in two years?

Become a technician by getting your Associate of Applied Science Degree at PCC. Choose from these options:

Want to become an engineer?

Start with coursework at PCC and prepare to earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering after transferring to a University.

  • Engineering: University Transfer
    • PCC prepares you to transfer in chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, manufacturing, or mechanical engineering