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EET: Biomedical Engineering Technology


biomedical student

As a Biomedical Electronics Technician, you will work in hospitals, health care organizations, manufacturing, or as self-employed private contractors.  These very stable jobs are in high demand. With an expected labor shortage due to baby boomers retiring, there is more need for health care people of all types.

What will I do on the job?

Simply put, you’ll help keep a hospital running.  Without working equipment, a hospital won’t be able to properly care for patients – and save lives. 

Most of a biomedical engineering technician’s time is spent repairing and maintaining medical equipment, but there are also a wide variety of other activities incorporated into the job. These include training healthcare workers to use equipment, testing, installing, and ordering equipment, and working with a variety of people to solve problems.

Most biomedical engineering technicians work in hospitals or other health care organizations, but many also work with medical equipment manufacturers, third-party private contractors, or are self-employed.

What skills will I use?

With such a varied job description, biomedical electronics technicians need a variety of skills ranging from highly specific technical skills to customer service. Other skills include problem-solving skills, mechanical proficiency, teamwork and communication.

How much can I earn?

Salaries range from $41,350 to $47,736. Those with more experience or more advanced degrees can expect to earn more.