Criminal Justice

The certificate is no longer accepting new students.

Career Pathway Certificate: Corrections

  • Do you want to work in the criminal justice field?
  • Are you interested in promoting public safety and helping to rehabilitate youth or adult offenders?
  • Do you want to make a difference by working in a correctional facility, effectively communicating and holding offenders accountable to prevent future criminal behavior?

The Corrections Technician Career Pathway prepares you for entry-level Corrections Technician positions. The program provides you with an overview of the criminal justice system, and provides you with the knowledge to effectively work with adult and juvenile offenders to help rehabilitate and prevent future criminal behavior.


Average wage for Correctional Officers is $50-59,000/year, with entry level wages of $20-30/hour.

Finish your degree

The Corrections Technician Career Pathway Certificate leads to additional Criminal Justice degrees. Continue your education to give yourself more job opportunities and career advancement.

Is it for me?

GED and High School graduates. Placement into Writing 121.
PCC Cascade.
Two-three terms.

Program cost

Use the cost calculator to see estimated costs. For more detailed cost sheet contact Laurie Chadwick.

What's Next?

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