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Criminal Justice, associate degree

Student collecting evidence at a mock crime scene

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Associate Degree: Criminal Justice2 years

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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

CJA 100Professions in Criminal Justice3
CJA 101Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Professions3
CJA 111Introduction to Criminal Justice System - Police3
CJA 112Introduction to Criminal Justice System - Courts3
CJA 113Introduction to the Criminal Justice System - Corrections3
CJA 114Introduction to Juvenile Process3
CJA 210Arrest, Search and Seizure3
CJA 211Civil Liability in Criminal Justice3
CJA 212Criminal Law3
CJA 220Mental Health & the Law3
CJA 225Justice and Legal Rights3
CJA 230Police Report Writing3
CJA 244Tactical Communication in Crisis Incidents3
CJA 250Human Trafficking3
COMM 218Interpersonal Communication (COMM214=COMM218=COMM218Z) Z4
WR 121Composition I (WR121=WR121Z) Z4
Choose one of the following:4
PS 201
U.S. Government *
PS 202
U.S. Public Policy & Democracy *
PS 203
State and Local Government *
Criminal Justice Communications Electives4
Human Studies Electives8
Justice Studies Degree Electives18
General Education: 2 courses
Total Credits90

Could be used as General Education


This course is part of Oregon Common Course Numbering. The following courses are equivalent:
COMM 214, COMM 218, and COMM 218Z
WR 121 and WR 121Z

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