China Studies

Contact: Hsiao-Yun Shotwell, Department of Chinese

China Studies Focus Award

The China Studies Focus Award recognizes students who have gained considerable knowledge of China, its language and its culture. The award can be especially useful to transfer students who will focus on International Studies, Asian Studies, International Business, or Chinese. The award also demonstrates to employers that the student has a significant background in East Asian culture and an expanded worldview. To receive the China Studies Focus Award, a student must complete a minimum of 15 credits, including CHN 102 or higher or demonstrate equivalent language proficiency. See the focus award catalog page for requirements.

If you have completed the program of study, apply for the focus award.

What's Next?

  1. Complete the steps for new students
    • The admissions form will ask you what you plan to study. Since we don't offer a degree or certificate in this subject, you should choose Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT) for now.
  2. Plan how you'll pay for college
  3. Plan your transfer
  4. You can also complete the China Studies Focus Award