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Helicopter, associate degree

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Associate Degree: Aviation Science: Helicopter2 yearsLimited entry, see how
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Course listing for the 2022-2023 catalog year.

AVS 108AFlight Preparation Lab - Private Helicopter1
AVS 108BFlight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Basic Comm Instrument1
AVS 115Helicopter Private Pilot Flight4
AVS 117Aviation Study and Professionalism4
AVS 120Private Pilot Ground4
AVS 120HHelicopter Private Pilot Differences1
AVS 127Introduction to Aviation4
AVS 130Instrument Pilot Ground4
AVS 137Applied Aerodynamics4
AVS 156Helicopter Basic Commercial w/Instrument5
AVS 157Aircraft Systems & Structures I: Airframe3
AVS 167Aircraft Systems: Powerplant3
AVS 177Pilot Human Factors and Safety Management4
AVS 208AFlight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Advanced Commercial1
AVS 208BFlight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Flight Instructor1
AVS 208CFlight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Instrument Instructor1
AVS 216Helicopter Advanced Commercial5
AVS 217Aviation Weather Services4
AVS 227Aviation Careers4
AVS 230Initial Flight Instructor Ground5
AVS 237Aviation Law and Regulations4
AVS 240Instrument Flight Instructor Ground2
AVS 255Multi-Crew Operations1
AVS 265Helicopter: CFI Flight3
AVS 266Helicopter CFII Flight1
AVS 267Economics of Flight Operations4
GS 109Physical Science (Meteorology) *4
PHY 101Force, Motion, and Energy *4
or PHY 201 General Physics
WR 121College Composition4
General Education: 2 courses
Total Credits96

Could be used as General Education

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