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Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)

Tools and Supplies

AMT student

Review and print a copy of the Tools and Supplies list.

You will need to obtain your tools prior to participating in your first class (except for AMT 101) unless the instructor authorizes an exception. You are required to provide your own tools. Students are discouraged from borrowing tools from other students. The borrowing of tools in the aviation industry is generally frowned upon. Tools on this list are not available for check-out from the tool room.

You are encouraged to purchase tools from reliable sources. Your supplier should give you a replacement guarantee. The quality of the guarantee is often a reflection on the quality of the tools. Remember, your tools are an investment and an important part of how well you will be able to do your job. Poor quality or defective tools do not reflect well on a mechanic. The cost of tools depends on the supplier, but could be approximately $1500.00, including a toolbox.

Some vendors offer a discount to our students that may not otherwise be available. A partial list of these vendors is provided. Remember to consider transportability in the selection of your tool box as you will be moving it to different classes and lab projects. Tool boxes must be stored only in designated tool box racks. Tool boxes found chained to anything other than designated racks will be subject to having the chain cut and tool box removed. Put your name on your tool box so it can be returned to you if it is moved, or missing, and later recovered. Large roller cabinet tool boxes take up much space in the classrooms and lab areas, and may not be allowed for safety reasons. Space is limited for roller cabinets and permission is granted on a space available basis. Roller cabinets must be under 30 inches in width. You will only be permitted to have one tool box. Upper cabinet boxes must be stored on the tool box racks. Roller cabinets cannot also have an upper cabinet.

The following statement is excerpted from our FAA Part 147 Operations manual,

All students will have a tool box prior to their first class with good quality tools meeting the following minimum tool list. The method of implementation of this policy will be at the discretion of the instructor for each class. Instructors may authorize exceptions as appropriate.

Please be aware that instructors may reduce your grade for the lab project if you do not have the required tools to perform the assigned projects. If your personal protection or the quality of the work warrants the use of safety equipment or the use of proper tooling, you may be dismissed from the lab activity if you do not have those tools or equipment.

In our efforts to provide you with the education necessary for success in your chosen career, we believe that you will find your tools and equipment to be a valuable life-long asset.