Apply to Automotive Service

This program accepts 20 new students three times a year. The Auto Service program has very specific requirements in regards to tools, scheduling, and time commitment. To begin the program, you’ll attend an information session and join a waitlist. After receiving department permission, you’ll be able to register for classes in MyPCC.

Questions? Attend an information session or talk with a program advisor.

How to apply

  1. Apply to PCC

    Applying to PCC is free and only takes a few minutes. Complete this step as soon as possible so you can start using PCC resources.
    Apply to PCC

  2. Recommended timeline
    Term you want to start Attend info session by…
    Fall term June
    Winter term September
    Spring term January
    Complete placement

    Complete the placement process, and show readiness for RD/WR/IRW 90 or ESOL Level 8 through placement, and MTH 58/60 or higher through placement, or through completing MTH 20 or ESOL Level 7 (if applicable). Talk with a program advisor if you have any questions about this process.

  3. Attend an information session

    Sign up for an information session at least one term in advance of when you want to start the program. This information session is required before being offered a spot in the program. At the session, we’ll go over the tools and time commitment for this program. If there is availability and you’ve met the prerequisites, you can join the program waitlist.

After the information session

After your info session, you’ll be notified through MyPCC email of your status. Watch your MyPCC email: you will have a short time to respond to this email and confirm your interest in the program. After confirming interest, you will meet with the program advisor to register for the first module of classes.

Applicants are added to the waitlist in the order received. If the program fills up, we identify 3-5 alternates as backups. Alternates who are not admitted will be at the top of the list for the next enrollment term.

Your prerequisite information will be verified with Student Records. Applicants that do not meet the prerequisites will not be offered a spot in the program. Students can submit a new application when the prerequisites are met.