Apprenticeship & Trades

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Pre-Apprenticeship / Trades Program

PCC provides pre-trade opportunities to students who seek careers in the trades or an apprenticeship. These classes are designed to help students build the necessary skills to meet the minimum entry qualifications to enter a trade or apprenticeship program. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Pre-Trade Info Session

The first Tuesday of every month from 12:30 - 2:30pm, a Pre-Trade Info Session is held at the Swan Island Trades Center. The Info Session includes information on:

  • Overview of Apprenticeship
  • Placement testing
  • Counseling
  • Registration assistance

RSVP with your name and phone number for the Pre-Trade Info Session to to reserve your space. Check in with Stacey Zumwalt in STC 100 before the Info Session.

Pre-Trade Career Pathway

The Pre-Trades Career Pathway is a 14-credit pathway certificate designed to prepare students to become the most desirable candidates possible when applying to any of the 40+ Apprenticeship programs registered in the State of Oregon
APR 162 - Calculations for the Trades

Covers measurements and calculations used in industrial and commercial facilities settings. Includes linear and volume measurement methods using analog and digital tools and instruments: ruler, caliper, micrometer, dial indicator etc.

APR 200 - Trades Preparation

Includes Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Trade topics such as industry orientation, hazardous materials, general on-the-job questions, material handling, scaffolding, rigging, fire protection, hand and power tool use, fall protection, and electrical basics. Covers safety procedures that apply to each topic. Also covered will be related terminology, task planning, methods and functions of construction, apprenticeship application process, program requirements, resume and interview skills and OSHA 30-hour safety training.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry Apprenticeship and Training Division's Council, recognizes this course as a State approved Pre-Apprenticeship program.

ELT 110 - Electricity for Non-Electricians

Practical, hands-on application of electrical principles, practices, and codes to help non-electricians learn the basics of wiring that they encounter around the house. Safety practices will be emphasized as will basic electrical theory.

Minimum Requirements:

A valid Drivers License or ability to obtain, placement in Math 60 or higher, and department approval, are required to enter the Apprenticeship and Pre-Trades programs. A High School Diploma or equivalent are highly recommended, as most Apprenticeship programs require completion of a High School education before program entry.

Note: If you do not meet the minimum Pre-Trades requirements, do not be discouraged! This only means you have some additional steps to take before you are ready. PCC offers high school equivalency prep classes, and basic reading and writing classes. 3 strike rule; see department for details.

For more information attend a Pre-Trade Info Session or call the Apprenticeship and Trades Department at 971-722-5650. You can also complete the Apprenticeship and Trades Scholarship Application.