Policy, rules, and procedures

Tobacco-Free Policy – B 709:  Facilities owned by Portland Community College will be tobacco-free, effective September 9, 2009. (Adopted March 2009)


  • The use, distribution, or sale of tobacco, including any smoking device or e-cigarette, or carrying of any lighted smoking instrument, in PCC buildings or on PCC premises is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to all PCC sidewalks, parking lots, landscaped areas, recreational areas, and buildings on any PCC property and in PCC owned, rented, or leased vehicles, and at events on PCC premises. Campuses will have the option to introduce locations on the exterior perimeter of our property – called designated smoking areas – where smokers can gather to smoke and will not be issued citations.
  • The inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying of any lighted smoking material, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, is prohibited on college property excluding designated smoking areas. The use of other tobacco products, such as smokeless or chewing tobacco and use of devices that simulate tobacco smoking, is also prohibited on college property excluding designated smoking areas. This does not include FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products for the purpose of cessation.
  • Smoking materials must be extinguished before entering any PCC property without exception. All tobacco products in use must be disposed of appropriately before entering upon any PCC property, which includes exiting a vehicle. Improper disposal includes:
    • Spitting smokeless tobacco products.
    • Littering (i.e. discarded cigarette butts, throwing or disposing of cigarette butts out of windows, leaving spit container).
    • Anything that creates fire hazards.
  • The tobacco-free policy may not apply to specific activities used in connection with the practice of cultural activities by American Indians that are in accordance with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. All ceremonial use exceptions must be approved in advance by the President of Portland Community College or the designee.

Compliance procedures

  • The enforcement of these rules and regulations is the responsibility of Public Safety personnel with the voluntary assistance of members of the College community. Assistive acts include providing informational materials on smoking policies and verbal warnings.
  • Continued failure by students to comply with the directions of College Officials to abide by these rules may be reported to the Dean of Student Development as a violation of Section 12.9 of the PCC Code of Student Conduct. Further sanctions may be imposed, including suspension, restitution, or probation. Others in violation of the tobacco policy can be reported to Public Safety.
  • Public Safety officers will use their discretion when enforcing this policy. Based upon the circumstances, Public Safety may issue a verbal warning or citation. Public Safety officers are authorized to issue warnings to first-time violators and control and regulate facilities use as prescribed in these rules and regulations.
  • If a violation of these rules is committed by PCC students or staff members, a citation and $50 fine may be issued ($75 in fire hazard zones) and posted to the offender’s student or employee account in Student Account Services. Unless fines are paid within 21 calendar days of receipt of the citation, appropriate steps will be taken, consistent with Board Policy B504 on Past Due Debts, for example, withholding of services, use of collection agencies, and refusal of registration. Officers will use discretion and take into consideration the totality of the circumstances when applying this policy.
  • Compliance with Portland Community College rules and regulations is considered a standard part of job performance for all employees. Repeated failure by faculty or staff of Portland Community College to abide by these rules and procedures may be addressed through informal discussions between the employee and their immediate supervisor (e.g., clarifying the PCC tobacco-free policy, outlining available resources, and helping the employee to develop a strategy for compliance with the tobacco-free policy).


  • Persons cited for violations of these rules may respond either by filing a written appeal with the Director of Public Safety or by paying a fine within 21 calendar days of receipt of the citation at the campus Student Account Services. All fines are payable to Portland Community College. Fines that are mailed must be received within 21 calendar days of receipt of the citation.
  • Alleged violators may appeal to the Director of Public Safety, or designee, for a brief adjudicative procedure within 21 calendar days of the date of the citation. The Director of Public Safety may dismiss, suspend, or impose any lesser fine.

Advertising and sponsorships

  • No advertising or sponsorship promoting the use of tobacco shall be permitted on Portland Community College property, at Portland Community College-sponsored events, or in publications produced by Portland Community College, except for advertising in a newspaper or magazine that is not produced by the Portland Community College and which is lawfully sold, bought or distributed on campus property.
  • Portland Community College shall neither solicit nor accept any grant, gift, or anything else of value from a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer whose principal business is tobacco products.
  • The free distribution (sampling) of tobacco products and associated products is prohibited on Portland Community College property.


Questions may be directed to the Public Safety office on your campus.