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Good Neighbor Zones

Designated smoking areas

Based on several meetings with neighbors and representatives of neighborhood associations regarding the impact of our tobacco-free policy on them, Portland Community College refined the tobacco-free policy in March 2011 to permit Good Neighbor Zones where smokers can gather to smoke and not be issued citations. These areas will be clearly marked.

Sylvania Campus implemented the Good Neighbor Zones beginning March 28, 2011. Southeast Campus implemented Good Neighbor Zones in October 2011. Newberg Center initiated a Good Neighbor Zone on April 2, 2012. Good Neighbor Zones were launched at the Rock Creek Campus in March 2014. Smoking is not permitted anywhere else on the Sylvania Campus, Southeast Campus, Rock Creek Campus, or Newberg Center properties. Violators will be subject to a $50 fine, and smoking in wooded or natural areas will be subject to a $75 fine. Smokers are asked to dispose of their cigarette butts and other trash in designated receptacles located in the Good Neighbor Zones.

PCC personnel will clean the areas around Good Neighbor Zone receptacles twice a week.

Other campuses will work with their neighbors and their neighborhood associations to determine whether such zones are needed on their campuses or centers.

Good Neighbor Zone maps

See the map of each location to find the Good Neighbor Zones (under Services).