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Get to know others

Building good relationships is important for a successful college experience. College offers the opportunity to meet many people you would likely not meet otherwise in life.

  • Be open to meeting new people. Sit with different people at meals or study in a common area where you’ll be among others.
  • Be open in your interests. Don’t limit yourself to people who share only certain interests. Meeting people by studying together is an excellent way to get to know people with different interests.
  • Get involved but not too involved. Committing to too many activities or joining too many social groups may not allow you to spend enough time with anyone to get to know them.
  • Make an effort to know others. Don’t talk just about your interests – Show others that you think they’re worth spending time with, and that you really do want to get to know them.
  • Be a good friend. Respect your friends. Give support when your friends need it and accept their support as well.