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If you are a student or parent and want to know more about a Program of Study visit the student-friendly PACTEC website.

PACTEC is an Alliance comprised of the following:

Region 2A Consortium

The purpose of this Consortium is to combine the purchasing power of the 8 school district members (that includes 39 programs of study that have 45 participating teachers), which apply annually, to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), for the Carl Perkins IV Basic Grant on behalf of the Consortium members.

Each spring requests for equipment, software, and supplies to supplement the growth and depth of the Programs of Study are submitted by the Region 2-A CTE Coordinator. These requests are reviewed and balanced year by year for overall CTE support and fairness across the Region.

The Basic Grant also provides the region’s CTE teachers with Professional Conference and Development opportunities to aid the region’s CTE teachers in enhancing their Programs of Study.

Region 2-A Files
Region 2-A Member High Schools
Banks High School
Creekside Community High School
Forest Grove High School
Gaston High School
Scappoose High School
Sherwood High School
St. Helens High School
Tigard High School
Tualatin High School
Vernonia High School

Direct Recipients

Beaverton School and Hillsboro School Districts comprise the Region 2-A Direct Recipient Partner group. Together, these school districts have 14 participating high schools, 58 programs of study, and 84 CTE teachers.

Direct Recipient Partners are not members of the Region 2-A Consortium group because they author their own Perkins IV Basic Fund applications and manage their funds. They join Consortium members for Professional Development opportunities funded by the Reserve Grant, written to benefit all member schools of Region 2-A.

Beaverton School District
Aloha High School
Beaverton High School
Beaverton Academy of Science and Engineering
Mountainside High School
Southridge High School
Sunset High School
Terra Nova High School
Westview High School
Hillsboro School District
Century High School
Glencoe High School
Hillsboro High School
Liberty High School
Alliance Partner – Portland Public School District

Portland Public Schools, standing as a separate region, is designated Region 2-C by the Oregon Department of Education. As a separate region, they author and manage their own Basic Fund Grant. As an Alliance Partner, the Career and Technical Education teachers from Portland Public Schools join the Consortium and Direct Recipient Partner CTE teachers of Region 2-A for Professional Development sessions and conferences.

Region 2-C Alliance Partner: Portland Public Schools

Jan Osborn
Region 2-C Regional Coordinator

Alliance at Meek High School
Benson High School
Cleveland High School
Franklin High School
Grant High School
Lincoln High School
Madison High School
Roosevelt High School
Wilson High School

What Does the Alliance Provide?

Supporting a total of 182 Career Technical Education Programs of Study in the 30 high schools, the Alliance provides:

  • Professional Development opportunities for continued teacher training
  • Oversight of Perkins funds to enrich the established Programs of Study
  • Opportunities for Non-Traditional student career exploration.

As an Alliance, all members work together to build and sustain high-quality Programs of Study, a required component of the Carl Perkins IV funding regulations.

Working with Portland Community College, as the post-secondary partner, the Alliance provides high-quality educational opportunities in Career Technical Education. Each member of the PACTEC Alliance is committed to the success of the high school students in their classrooms and acknowledges the importance of CTE as they educate and train the students to be the emerging workforce in the 21st Century.

Building Partnerships

The Alliance is continually supporting and building partnerships:

  1. A Partnership with Region 2-A High Schools to support their Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study.
  2. A Partnership with Business, Industry, and Labor to support the development of a strong and relevant curriculum in the Programs of Study in the region’s high schools. Business, industry, and labor work in partnership with CTE teachers to strengthen their curriculum to meet real work standards and expectations, enabling students to compete in the evolving job market.
  3. A Partnership with Portland Community College to provide the post-secondary educational pathway and guidance as students continue to study, work, and train; honing their skills as they build toward their careers.