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Posted in February 2019

sending email Tips for great looking emails 2 comments for "Tips for great looking emails"
Rondi shares how to make your emails effective, attractive, and accessible. Posted February 25, 2019
Instructor Seth Bloombaum wearing an Oculus Go which has large google eyes applied to the face of it where human eyes would naturally be. The Power In Your Pocket 4 comments for "The Power In Your Pocket"
Multimedia instructor Seth Bloombaum and Monica Marlo talk about Posted February 17, 2019
icon continuous delivery D2L Brightspace 10.8.10 updates for February 2019
New things coming with the February 2019 Continuous Delivery updates. Posted February 16, 2019
bag of money 2019 Scholarship Application
Learn about scholarships at PCC and how to apply for them. Posted February 11, 2019
PCC Sylvania campus, snow day, Feb 2019, photo credit to Celina Baguiano Teaching during snowpocalypse 1 comment for "Teaching during snowpocalypse"
This post is for helping face to face instructors continue contact with students should the campuses be closed due to bad weather. Posted February 11, 2019
Ann Cary The “Good Things List” 5 comments for "The “Good Things List”"
Faculty mentor Ann Cary shares some great practices she's observed in online classes over the years that she intends to incorporate in her classes. Posted February 4, 2019